RTX 2013…?

So I just got a promotion in my job, which means I’ll be able to afford going to RTX this year!! :) I really really want to go and meet all the guys from RoosterTeeth (and I really need a vacation haha) but only problem is, I don’t really know anyone that’s going. I’m shy online (strange, I know) and in person. I don’t want to look like a loner the whole time but I want to go.

I need advice. Should I go even though I don’t know anyone? I don’t want to make a fool of myself…

P.S. I’ve never really been to a gaming convention so I don’t know what it’s going to be like. Can someone tell me what RTX is going to be like? Thanks.

I’ll just leave this here

Timestamp: 1361563227

I’ll just leave this here


my video decided to buffer at this point aha

Timestamp: 1358539872

my video decided to buffer at this point aha


"Geoff" song lyrics…

Saw someone asking about the lyrics to this song so here you go :)

My name is geoff and I’m a glitchy silverfish/ Not much else left to say/ Why dont you/ Spend some time with me/ That would really make my day

I’ll glitch across the land/ I’ll glitch across the sky/ I’ll keep on glitching ‘till the day I die

My name is geoff and im a glitchy silverfish/ And i’m one hell of a guy

Now everything’s on fire/ But everything’s okay/ Cos for geoff, it’s just another day

Cos my name is geoff and I’m a glitchy silverfish/ And I wouldn’t have it any other way


Holy gosh… Just got home from work and saw I had 50+ followers and 700+ notes on the latest philososquid post… Y’all are amazing, thank you guys<3image